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Action Plan

Coalition for Drug Free Youth 2020-2021 Action Plan

Revised September 2020
Public Awareness Campaign
  • Increase visibility of the coalition throughout the community
  • Increase awareness among parents, youth, and overall community
  • Usually a campaign approved by the state or county related to substances
  • Media: Newsletters, social media, town halls, billboards, radio ads,flyers, etc.
  • Community presentations
Community Events
  • Partnerships among coalition members
  • Creation of community forum/participation in community forum
  • Prevention activities for community events
  • Town halls
  • Cultural events
  • Coalition meetings

How do we support these goals and meet the needs of youth through this virtual school year?


Prosocial Activities for Youth
  • Student Assistant Professional at Cascade Middle School and Evergreen High School
  • Supporting in School Activities
  •  Life Skills Training (LST) through Student Assistant Professional Project
  • Success through Student Assistant Professional and Coordinator
Guiding Good Choices
  • 6 week parenting program to increase parent skills on communication with youth
  • Facilitated in the past in Spanish 2xs per year
Our Structures:
  • Leadership Council
  • Media Committee-TBA
  • Data Committee-TBA
  • Policy Committee-TBA
  • Recruitment Committee-Youth and Parents & New members
  • Coordinator
  • CPWI Coordinators in the region
  • Partnerships with organizations